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The magazine dedicated to living well and ageing gracefully in modern society. Aimed at the 50+ age group, you’ll find articles covering all aspects of contemporary life, including physical health and wellbeing, mental health and acuity, home life, working life and finances, technology, travel, self-improvement and more.
Our production, design and editorial teams are led by experienced professionals who know our publications and understand our advertisers and their requirements. Plusliving is printed and published with high quality materials for a premium final product which appeals to readers and advertisers alike..

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Just come across your Northland edition 1, 2023.
I’ve never seen one before and what a great find it is. This is a really great, interesting and informative publication.
I wonder how you’re going to top it. I’m looking forward to see how you achieve it in the next edition!
A great job, well done everybody!!